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Pistol Course of Shoot


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Balloon Shoot Offhand Pistol   El Vicepresidente
Bench Rest Pistol Best Group   Lucky Dartboard Handgun   Best Score
Modified Combat Handgun   Best Score   Offhand Pistol   Best Group
Showdown Elimination Handgun   Balloon Shoot.fw    



Rifle Course of Shoot


Balloon Shoot Offhand Rifle   Bench Elbows Offhand Rifle RF   Best Score
Bench Rest Rifle   Best Group   Bench Rest Rifle CF   Best Score
Bench Rest Rifle RF   Best Score   Bill Munn Moose Shoot CF Rifle   Best Shot
Eddie Munn Memorial Shoot CF Rifle   Best Score   Luck O The Draw
Lucky Dartboard Rifle RF   Best Score   Offhand Rifle   Best Score
Cluster Fun Balloon Shoot Offhand Rifle