Upper Miramichi Firearms Club Inc.

1086 Porter Cove Road, Ludlow


1. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed on the range or premises.

2. The red flag is to be flown when the range is in use.

3. Carrying /handling of loaded firearms anywhere but at the designated firing line, regardless of whether or not there is a round in the chamber, is PROHIBITED. (Amended 2017 04)

4. All firearms are to be unloaded/cased/holstered when not at the firing line. All firearms MUST be pointed upward with action open/ slide back, magazine out, when transitioning to/from the firing line, or as directed by the Range Officer.
   “Semi-automatics pistols,“ MUST remain holstered when not at the firing line with the “chamber and magazine well” EMPTY.
   “Revolvers” MUST remain holstered when not at the firing line with all “chambers/cylinders” EMPTY. (Amended 2017 04)

5. Persons not properly on the firing point are not allowed beyond the firing line when shooting is in progress.

6. Specific to the 100 m. Range Bay:
    a. Handguns may be fired on the 100 m range from the 50 m. marker, located downrange, or closer to the backstop.
    b. If handgun shooters are downrange at the 50 m. marker, or closer to the backstop, rifle shooters are only permitted to shoot from the same marker at that time.
    c. If rifles are being shot from the 100 m. firing line (located at the 100m. range hut), handguns may not be fired at the same time.

7. Profanity on the range will not be tolerated.

8. The range is open to current members “in good standing,” and their sponsored guests. (Amended 2022 10 23)

    (a) Sponsoring members “in good standing” who are not currently certified Range Safety Officers are limited to (2) guests and must be present on the range;

    (b) Each member is responsible to ensure his/her guests follow all safety and procedural rules posted at the range;

    (c) Members are to ensure a $5.00 fee for each shooting guest is collected and paid to the club treasurer as soon as possible;

    (d) Youth guests under the age of 16 years are free; and,

    (e) Each sponsored guest must; 

  1. Sign the ledger, clearly providing name, address, phone number, prior to uncasing firearms; 
  2. Include their restricted PAL number, if they have one, 
  3. Guests holding a PAL are limited to (2) visits per calendar year as a guest. Youth under 16 years and not holding a PAL may attend an unlimited number of times as a guest of members in good standing. (Amended Oct. 2023)

9. The Range Officer [RO] is in charge of the range at all times. The RO may from time to time designate assistant range safety officers.

10. (a) The use of bottles, cans, target holders, rocks or any other items not normally used for targets is prohibited.

      (b) The use of personal metal targets is prohibited, (Repealed 2016 11)(Reinstated 2019 10)

      (c) The use of unshrouded metal targets is prohibited.

      (d) The use of explosive targets is prohibited. (Amended 2016 04 21)

11. The use of armour piercing ammunition or incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

12. Only one (1) person may shoot at a time, unless there is a range safety officer present. If more than one (1) person is shooting, one (1) person present must be chosen from the group present to act as the range officer.

13. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times when shooting in is progress.

14. One must never point a firearm at a person.

15. One must never point a firearm at an unsafe target.

16. Firearms will only be loaded at the firing line when the range is clear and the Red Flag is raised, or when instructed to do so by the range officer.

17. After loading a firearm, the muzzle of the firearm will be pointed down range at all times and within the confines of the back-stop.

18. No live ammunition may be left at the range. (Dispose of any unwanted commercial ammunition by giving it to another individual holding a PAL, or by contacting your local law enforcement agency for proper disposal.)


Joel Kerstens

Chief Range Officer

(Range Rules Revised May 13, 2024)