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The Upper Miramichi Firearms Club Inc. was incorporated the 12th of September 1983. The Club Range located on the Porter Cove Road, was first constructed in 1985. During our Range Improvement Project (2002), we invested about $18000 in expansion and improvements. A new clubhouse was constructed in 2011.



The Range is open to "Members only" 365 days a year, from sunup to sundown. We have a Clubhouse there for members to relax between matches. A 100 Meter Rifle Range, with 5 position enclosed firing line. A 50 Meter Handgun Range, with 6 position enclosed firing line. There is NO Shotgun shooting facilities at the Range. The Club has over 100 members, but can easily accommodate 150 members. The Range Inspection has been Approved until September 2018. 


Range property lease expires 2025.


Executive Members of Board
November 2014 – November 2015

President – Glen Abbott
Vice-President – Murray Watt
Treasurer – John Burkhardt
Secretary – Shane Clowater


Appointed Directors

Ron Doak
Bill Griffin
Reade Branch
Holly Carson
Ove Neess
John McKinley
Dave Ross
David Jones
Joel Kerstens

Assignment of Club Duties

Shooting Director – Joel Kerstens
Chief Range Officer – Joel Kersens
Ways & Means – Reade Branch
Trophies – Joel Kerstens 
Club Maintenance – Bill Griffin, Ove Neess, Dave Jones
RNBRA Liaison – Murray Watt
UMFC Inc. website maintenance – Claude Petitpas (CORE Computing)

Civic Address

1086 Porter Cove Road

Mailing Address

P O Box 547
Ludlow, NB
E9C 2M8

Email Address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.