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Upper Miramichi Firearms Club Inc.

Revised April 2017

1. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed on the range or premises.

2. The red flag is to be flown when the range is in use.

3. Carrying /handling of loaded firearms anywhere but at the designated firing line, regardless of whether or not there is a round in the chamber, is PROHIBITED.

    (Amended 2017 04)

4. All firearms are to be unloaded/cased/holstered when not at the firing line. All firearms MUST be pointed upward when transitioning to/from the firing line, or as directed by the Range      Officer.

   “Semi-automatics, “MUST remain holstered when not at the firing line with the “chamber and magazine well” EMPTY.
   “Revolvers” MUST remain holstered when not at the firing line with all “chambers/cylinders” EMPTY. (Amended 2017 04)

5. Persons are not allowed beyond the firing line when shooting is in progress.

6. Profanity on the range will not be tolerated.

7. The range is open to members only and their guests. 

(a) Only members with current Range Officer certification may have more than 2 guests at one time.

(b) Members and their guests must register in the club ledger prior to uncasing any firearms.

(c) Members are to ensure a $5.00 fee for each shooting guest is collected and paid to the club treasurer as soon as possible.

(d) Each member is responsible to ensure his/her guests follow all safety and procedural rules posted at the range.

8. (a) When attending the range to shoot, each member is required under the Act to carry:

         (i) UMFCI Membership Card,

         (ii) Firearms registrations for restricted or prohibited firearms; and,

         (iii) P.A.L.

   (b) A member may challenge anyone on the range regarding membership. A member must produce their UMFCI Membership Card for inspection. If the person challenged fails to comply or is not registered in the log book as a paid guest; they will be deemed to be on the range as a trespasser, requested to leave the property and the Police may be notified.

(amended 25th March 2018)

9. A jury of at least three (3) members should be chosen to settle any arguments which may occur during a match.

10. The Range Officer is in charge of the range at all times. He/she may from time to time designate assistant range officers.

11. When called to the firing line by the range officer, members will make sure the firearm has the action open, slide back and the magazine out and take sufficient ammunition to complete the relay.

12. Ranges will be posted as to type of firearm to be used on each range, “Rifle Range”, “Pistol Range”.

13.(a) The use of bottles, cans, target holders, rocks or any other items not normally used for targets is prohibited.
     (b) The use of metal targets is prohibited.  (Repealed 2016 11)
     (c) The use of explosive targets is prohibited. (Amended 2016 04 21)

14. The use of steel bullets, armour piercing ammunition, or incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

15. The emergency phone number for the range area is “911”. The Civic Address is 1086 Porter Cove Road.

16. Only one (1) person may shoot at a time, unless there is a range officer present. If more than one (1) person is shooting, one person present must be chosen from the group present to act as a range officer.

17. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times when shooting is in progress.

18. Never point a firearm at a person.

19. Never point a firearm at an unsafe target.

20. Firearms will only be loaded at the firing line when the range is clear and the red flag is raised, or when instructed to do so by the range officer.

21. After loading a firearm, the muzzle of the firearm will be pointed down range at all times and within the confines of the back-stop.

22. Shooting steel target.
      a) “Steel target(s)” must be approved/provided by UMFCI Chief Range Officer and be AR500 steel, or better.
      b) “Steel target(s)” can be found at a designated location within the range hut. Prior to shooting visually inspect steel target for serviceability. If steel target is damaged/deformed, do not shoot, and report immediately to Chief Range Officer, or member of the UMFCI executive.
      c) Approved steel target(s) MUST be hung inside target shroud(s) provided.
      d) “Steel target(s)” are for rifle use, on rifle range ONLY. Pistols are NOT to be fired on the rifle range.
      e) The use of Steel and steel core ammunition on steel target is PROHIBITED.
      f) “Steel target(s)” are NOT to be shot at a distance closer than 100m. Advancing beyond the firing line while shooting steel is PROHIBITED.
      g) On completion of shoot, steel target(s) are to be removed from the range and returned to designated location in the range hut.
                                                                                                                                       (Adopted 2017 04)

(Revised 2018-04)